May 25, 2011

CHARLESTON BOUND... Thank Goodness

Today is a great day...

Paty and I are heading to Charleston for a Fun, Relaxing weekend with the newlyweds at the beach.

Wanna Know Why it's Great? I will Tell you.

Today We Fly Direct: Hallelujah

We Get this:

Instead of this:

Now this picture seems disturbing - You honestly have no idea...

This is a Cicada. Currently they have taken over Nashville. They are in all the trees, they have attached themselves to buildings and are covering my windows.

These bugs make the most annoying clicking sound. During the day you are not given the option to sit outside as you can not hear anything or anyone over the sounds they make. Nor do you want to sit outside because they are blind and dive bomb at your head.
Additionally, when they die they fall out of there shell or something. There is a shell of their body on the wall and they lay on the ground. EWWWWW
It gets worse, they are now in my living room - Somehow they were getting down the chimney.  Sarah and  our beloved vacuum cleaned 4 up yesterday and I scooped 4 the previous day.  This is unacceptable.

Here are some funny Cicada Facebook post just this morning:

real life nightmare: cicada in my hair. I didn't react how I thought I would. I instantly started crying for 10 min. terrified he is still near.

how can there be any cicadas left when every car driving down the interstate kills 50 each drive? don't you love the sound when they hit your windshield?? BLEGH!

Well, the Cicada Rapture started today in West Nashville. Maybe they're mini aliens. FREAKIN LOUD alien bugs.

I watched a landscaper today tie down the throttle on his weedeater with a string and left it on the sidewalk running wide-open. The sound of his weedeater whining at full throttle attracted every Cicada on Westend to impending doom. When I exited Which-Which he was still beaming with pride over his ever-growing pile of dead insects.

I am sure I will pay for this, is it hilarious to watch people freak out when a cicada lands on them!

This morning battle lines were drawn in the humans vs. Cicadawar... On my windshield. It's gruesome.

Needless to Say I could not be more excited to see these folks..

And play with this little Man.

Praying for a safe flight and loads and loads of FuN!

May 24, 2011


How Dangerous is it Exactly? 

I would like to continue this addictive trend that has officially taken over my sisters life and now mine.

The Half and Half

Half Coke

Wait for it......

Half Diet Coke

It looks like this -

I had previously considered signing up Allison for an Intervention and low and behold I got myself addicted.  To make it worse next to my office is a gas station that has Styrofoam cups. Try one of these bad boys in a styrofoam cup and you will be addicted too.

So I encourage you to get a half and half today and post your picture.

Here's to getting Addicted!

May 18, 2011

Here's To you 27

Well it is official I have turned 27.  I am not sure that really means anything.  I don't feel older, my life is no different but I had an excellent time celebrating the day that comes and goes much too quickly. 

My Bestie Taryn and I share close Birthdays, with that I can't think of a better reason for a cookout. Can you? 

I am not taking No for an Answer.. Just Saying

And well.. We loved It! 

Here are Just a few more for your enjoyment :) 

Oh Yes.. Chester Came 

Living so far from home gets really tough at times.  I always wish I could go have dinner with my parents or visit them for the weekend just because I am homesick.  If you struggle with this I am always looking for tips on how to handle it.. Send em my way! 

Allison and I worked up a way for at least us three kids to connect every now and then.. This usually involves me in bed (cause I am an old lady) Allison working on something and walker drinking (I miss College).  

The night before my birthday we had our first family chat session and it was Fabulous.  An hour spent catching up, listening to music and singing happy birthday! Smiles had by all. 

(Allison did not really look this weird)

Ok we are official - I am 27 and Loving every minute of it! 

What I am loving even more are these beautiful flowers my sweet boyfriend sent me at work.  
What a Catch. 

Flowers are a prize possession and protecting them was my first priority.. 
I had no Idea how to get them home

Additionally on this day Mr. Chester got a Shave - He put that scarf on all by himself. 

Now for birthday Gifts.. 
I always say, don't get me anything but it is so fun to get stuff!!

Bday Gift #1 A Bike :) 
Thank you Mom and Dad

Bday Gift #2 CUPCAKES
Thank you Ben

Bday Gift #3 Clothes from Hampden Clothing 
Thank you Allison

Gift #4 New Running Shoes
Thank you Paty and Myself :) 

Gift #5 Sink Hole Rocket T-Shirt 
Thank you Walker P and Janna 
And her Sister Katie for Actually being the Sink Hole Rocket
(I don't have a picture)

I got some other great gifts from Family and My boss but nothing I have pictures of.  
I will do better next time! 

To complete this amazing Birthday Month Sarah and I went and saw Amos Lee at the Ryman
I wish I could share more videos but I am singing too loud and it is not enjoyable.. OOPS! 

Wowza that was a long one.

May 16, 2011

The Followup

First I have to say thanks to Hannah and Linsey for the great Ideas..

Here is how the gift giving went down.

Candle, Bath stuff, Card... All great Ideas so I thought TARGET.  Who does not think Target right.  So I zipped over to Target on my lunch break and went in for one of the above mentioned items.  Please note I had nothing else to get at Target.  So I walk in and Wham, distraction number one - The dollar Isle.

Thanks to my friend Savannah - I always stop at he beloved Dollar Isle.
Item in cart - $1 for a Large Bag O Animal Crackers

Then while cranking my head to the left trying to get an eye on the entire clothing section I travel to the right. (This causes a few almost buggy wrecks)

Side note Two: Yes I have a buggy for Candles and Cards..

It is all I can do to not stop in the baby stuff because I have so many friends adding additions to the family, Oh wait it was more than I can do, I stopped and loved on every single thing I saw.
- No purchase in that department - Success

Again back on track towards candles, cards and bath stuff...

None other than the makeup and hair Isle magically appears on my right and like fat kid (Or myself) drinking a milkshake I am sucked in.
Item in Cart - Jumbo rollers in hopes to look like Duchess Catherine Middleton
(All it takes is Jumbo rollers I heard)

That reminds me - I have not picked up the People Magazine that Covered the wedding.  Zip my cart backup front.  Fail No People Magazine

Alright time to check out..
Walking to my car..
Rollers I plan to take back - Check
Animal Crackers I have already Eaten - Check
New flavor of Special K they were displaying by the Register - Check

Gift for my Bathroom Pal - Shit!
Selfish Point for Me - Check

At that moment I remembered this great cupcake place next to Target.. Ran in Got a Cupcake and made the delivery.

And a Happy 60th it was....

Lindsey - You Win! and I miss you..

May 09, 2011


Yes.. This is supposed to be one of those blogs where you check in, learn something new - Smile, Maybe Comment then go about your day.  However, today I need you to provide the advice.

What to do:

So there is this lady who works down the hall from me, for another company.  She walks by our office and occasionally comes in to say hello - we always wave.

Since our first meeting we have become bathroom pals.  You know the type.  We catch each other on a bathroom break, catchup on life inform each other about our busy day - Laugh about something .. You know things like why her mother is afraid of storms and how her air conditioning is out.  The Usual.

Today she hit me with a curveball.  "Guess what tomorrow is Katie" My Guess: "You get a new air conditioning unit?" hummm.. who knew?

"Nope" She replied "It's the big 60" Followed by some sort of really cute fist pump.  So we cheered and laughed and thats when she said it, "I have not told anybody but you, not making it a big deal" WHATTTTTT..... We threw a surprise party for my Dad with matches and fruit nameplates.  Somebody has to celebrate my bathroom pals Birthday.

Here is where I get lost.  I spend to much money on folks and often make mountains out of molehills.

What should I do?  I won't be in the office tomorrow but will be back Thursday - Should I make an effort for my BP (Bathroom Pal's) Big 60?

Comments are encouraged!

Happy Monday.

May 06, 2011

Let's Take it Back.. Oh Easter

I am still holding on to Easter.  That loving weekend where family gets together, no strings attached to celebrate our ability to live life free of sin.

This Celebration is full of tradition in our household.  We usually rest up, watch whatever it is dad has on DVR for us, eat ALOT, go to church and well hunt Easter eggs.

Easter Sunday is about the only day Marilyn is prompt and on time.  Coffee and the Lord are about the only thing that can get that woman moving. 

We rest.. 

They Work...

Num Num Num...

Then we all Eat.. and Eat and Eat!

It was just too good not to share

May 02, 2011

Where is Hadley?

The other night, I could not find our new puppy, that is until I looked in my laundry basket...
A must see :)

Annual Easter egg hunt

As this post proves... you are never too old for an Easter egg hunt, especially if that hunt includes eggs with money inside.  My dad came up with this idea a few years ago, maybe because it had been a while since our family had seen the likes of the Easter bunny or the excitement of kids dressed in their Sunday best, baskets in hand for a classic egg hunt.  In previous years, Walker has taken the grand prize of the most eggs and the most money. Go figure!
Oh, but his luck came up short this year... my sweet hubby Ben was allowed to play this time, being an official member of the fam," and of course he won!  Beginners luck!  I did however, beat Walker for the first time ever, and I must admit it felt good being twelve years his senior.
Needless to say it is something we ALL look forward to year after year, and a big thanks to Dad and Mom for making it so special!