March 31, 2011

A is for Allison

Here we go.. A blog that means something, that changes lives that makes you laugh or cry - Hopefully all laughs. If the next 26 years goes anything like the last 26 then laughing is for sure what you will do. With my birthday coming up we get to start fresh, 27 years and growing older. Not sure about you but I am looking forward to every minute of it.

For my first post I believe I will tell you all about Allison, I want you to know exactly what your getting into.

Allison.. It must have been tough being the oldest child, she had four years to call her own and then I came along to steel away all the attention. I am positive that every home video we have is of Allison yelling at the camera, "Daddy, watch this" followed by "Y'all don't ever look at me, y'all don't ever get me on camera." Haha I can hear it now. What she did not know is that I was watching, always learning from her, growing in her shadow.

She was a cheerleader - So was I
She wore jean jackets - So did I
She went away to college - So did I..

It has been a fascinating cycle. She has always been a ball of fire looking for something more exciting, more interesting. Following college she did everything under the sun, buying for clothing stores, selling shoes, real estate, mortgage, etc.. Finding her home in graphic design. Just as Ellen Says,"Give that girl a hammer because she Nailed it!" In similar fashion I have worked in production, Insurance and now getting my masters in education. My hope is that in following her I learn a bit quicker. PLEASE LET ME GET A HAMMER!

Allison has a love for fashion, No wait, I think I am going to say a love for art. She loves to wear it and create it. An incredible artist for Studio R as well as a breathtaking artist in her daily attire, she inspires those who love art in both fashion and graphics. Not to mention she can flip a house better than You can flip a pancake. Her eye for detail is without match.

In the latest season of her life she found a love that both conquers her desire to work and wear great clothes.. That love came in the form of a man named Benny - And we love him. What a glorious gift from God. He even put her on a budget - That is real love ;)

Allison has had this life that some can only dream of, it has been full of great adventures and marvelous findings, it's only a shame that just now it get's documented. If I find her Diary I will make that my weekly post, I'll look at easter :)

The Great Mr. Walker - The 3rd in line but the most valuable and that is a fact.

Here we go with what is sure to be your next favorite feel good blog.
Keep It REAL.

March 27, 2011

Too excited not to share...

My sweet husband, on our wedding day, gave me two very special gifts. The first being the title of "luckiest girl in the world" to be able to marry someone as truly special as he is; a partner to navigate through all of life's experiences, a lover, a protector, a confidant, and at the end of the day... a very dear friend. One would think that my life's loving cup is full, and in fact it truly is, but I would be lying if I didn't say we both had a little more love to go around. This leads me to my second very special gift, the furry kind! A few of the photos are below, pre-wedding makeup of opening my wedding gift the morning of our wedding.
It is a good thing Ellen, our wedding planner, brought the gift to me moments before Kori began to apply my makeup, because the tears were flowing.

We were going to get a puppy! A great start to our wedding day, capturing a glimpse of what our future together had in store.
A hot honeymoon topic ensued in the following days over what kind of puppy to get? You see, the one thing I love most about my husband is that we often agree to disagree. :) I suppose this was our first testament to that statement, as we had an interesting time narrowing down a list of our top four breeds. That is, until the day he stumbled across Lori Whorff's English Setters and we were in love, and in agreement! Head over heels for her sweet mamma to be Juno, we inquired about her future pups and quickly became fast friends with Lori. Lori has a passion for her setters and a zest for life. We were honored and thrilled beyond imagination when she called to let us know that we would be the proud parents of Fiona from Juno's first litter, her only girl. One of four, Lori tells Ben she is head strong and mischievous (sounds like someone else I know, ha!) I think we will get along just fine! Fiona, hailing all the way from Winnsboro, Texas will be making her debut in Charleston in about three weeks. In the meantime, we are getting prepared for her arrival (including permanent locks for my shoe closet!) The first order of business, is a name and no surprise, we can't agree on that either :) We welcome your suggestions, and look forward to sharing updates with you soon. Enjoy the pics below (thanks Lori) of beautiful (Fiona)!

photo courtesy of Juliet Elizabeth