April 23, 2011

Happy Earth Day

It's Earth Day year round at the Hill house.  If Pratt is not at work or on the golf course he is in the yard, planting, mowing, blowing or just picking up. 

We applaud Pratt today for making Earth Day - Earth Year.   In fact he is planting these nice additions as I type.

Additionally we applaud him for a unique Easter experience that I believe all of you could get on board with.  

Check in next week to see what it is. 

April 17, 2011

Trip to Walmart

This morning we went to Walmart in search of a large stuffed animal for Hadley's arrival tomorrow.
A lady told us that it will help her adjust to her new home, being away from her brothers.  Sounds good in theory... we will keep you posted as to whether it becomes a chew toy, ha!  At any rate, I stumbled across this bunny below and burst into laughter!  Apparently, there is nothing traditional about the Easter Bunny anymore.  Case in point, see below!  Really...!  Who knows, just maybe Ben will be getting this in his Easter basket this year :)  LOL!

April 16, 2011

My new obsession!

Yesterday, I went to visit my favorite Trish McEvoy ambassadors (Dru and Kori) at Gwynn's to get some new blush for spring.  I left with a fun new bronzer/blush, but little did I know they were going to introduce me to what could be my most favorite product ever!  See below!  
Instant Pick-Me-Up Lips.... equals ingenious!  I am in love, and obsessed with this little wand.
When applied it goes on glossy, but adapts to the lips as a long-wearing bright pink lip stain.  Amazing!!
This is one you have to try!

At Last...

After a long week I found Bliss.

How do you find Bliss?

Ps I absolutely hated to post as that last post by Allison was just about the most precious thing I have ever read.  What an honor it is to have her as a sister and a best friend.

April 12, 2011

My sister Katie...

A post that is long overdue... where does the time go?  Katie and I decided (some time ago) as part of our initial blog to introduce one another to the rest of the world (otherwise known as our small following.) Katie, held up her end of the agreement, but until today, I admit, I had fallen behind.  At last, because I left my tape gun at work today and cannot assemble the invitations I brought home, I can instead talk a little bit about my one and only sister :)
As Katie mentioned, she graced us with her presence during the fourth year of my life, and boy did things change.  For the best I might add!  There is no denying that I was sharing the spotlight now 50/50, and that took some time getting use to, but I wouldn't then and even dream of it now, trading that split for anything in the world.  From an early age, Katie's enduring characteristics were as apparent as they are today.  Ready and willing to go anywhere and do anything, she was a "go with the flow" kind-of-kid.  And I was really good at bossing her around, ha!  People just loved her and loved having her around.  This would explain the life-long friendships she creates and maintains to this day.  She is quite passionate.  Passionate about life, love, and genuinely all things that matter.  She is definitely someone you can count on through all of life's roller coasters.  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her grow, following in my footsteps some (or maybe learning from my mistakes,) but also coming into her own, defining her own path, and become the amazing woman she is at this very moment.  Her quality which I LOVE the most, is her sense of humor!!  She is, without a doubt, the funniest person I know.   I find myself constantly saying, where did she come up with that?! (Did you see her toothbrush post, so relevant?!) After wiping my tears of laughter streaming from my face.  Oh, to have an ounce of her humor! She inspires me daily to live more like her.  A more true, honest, and authentic life.  Any given day, we are searching for the pinnacle of success, true happiness and peace of mind combined, but I think she does an amazing job, each day, of being thankful for her family, friends, loved ones and for all that she has been given in so many aspects of her life, without really "wanting" anymore.  Well done, Katie! 

Walker and I are very lucky to be able to call you friend, and even more lucky to call you sister too.  You are the perfect compliment to our sometimes, somewhat ordinary lives.  And, we love you...!


Put Some South In Your Mouth

To start, here is a follow up from my Sunday blog!

This is it.. How Sunday Should Look:

I found this picture in McDonald's -

So although it is not Sunday and we are not at home, we decided we would have some Sunday cook'en of our own.. And it was GOOOOD!

(Click The Name)

My Meal: Fried Chicken that came in the form of 3 large Chicken Legs, Mac N Cheese, Green Beans, Banana Pudding and the Sweetest Ice Tea that would put my Grandmas to shame.. 
(Actually it put me into Diabetic Shock - My blood felt weird)

This was a treat for us because we were first Timers - Pot Likker 

I wish I had pictures of the rest of my meal but as soon as it came I forgot about the blog and went strait to shoving it down into my belly.. I am officially sick to my stomach with happiness.

Here's to good eaten.

Yours Truly
Southern Girl

April 06, 2011

A Friendly Reminder

I just came across this website.

Does any of your toothbrushes look like this??

Yes. Mine always get to this place before I go out and buy a 10 pack in hopes to not allow this to happen again.



Reasons Why You should do this:

1. Your Dentist will Approve
2. Your Teeth will Approve
3. It is Green Friendly - They are made from Yogurt Cups
4. They are made into Park benches

Is that Enough? If not here is a Women's Health article about Brushing Up.


Have a Great Hump Day.. And Brush up!

April 03, 2011

A Day like Today

Happy Sunday Team Collective...

Do you love Sunday's? There is something so calming and relaxing about this day. Currently I am sitting on a Porch Swing working on math homework and watching Mr. Chester sun bathe. It's Perfect.

This is why I ask..
After talking to my mom today I got to thinking about how Sunday should really look. When she was growing up nothing was open, nobody worked and the day was strictly meant for spending time with friends and family relaxing. That is hardly the case today, if you work on Sundays your looked at as a go getter, everything is open and millions of people are working. However I believe some of the old tradition still holds strong. Thing quiet down, people go to church then out to lunch and often find time for relaxing. It may not be a no work kind of day but it's doing those things that the hustle of the work week does not allow.

There is a family doing work on the house across the street, the whole family is sitting on the porch watching the Dad check off his Honey Do list. Its Perfect.

People all over the world are finding things to do on this day that they enjoy. Mowing the lawn, playing golf, watching tv, swinging on the front porch swing, exercising, taking their dog to the park, house work etc.

Whatever it is you do today, do it with love and enjoyment!
Happy Sunday!