June 29, 2011

I Heart Summer

During the Summer there is something to look forward to every weekend and having that kiss of sun on our skin makes life just so much better.

I have a smorgasbord of photos.. Life as I know it is Goody Goody!! :)

Happy Birthday Kennah - We had a really fun weekend at the lake to celebrate another great year and a sweet new addition to the family.

Chester and Stoli were ready to Go!
The weekend is fun for even the pups..

Nashville is full of things to do, If I could learn to stay up a little later I might enjoy something every now and then..

NFL team - The Titans
Hockey - The Predators
Minor League team - The Sounds

(Am I forgetting anything?)

It is Sounds season and Thursday is what they like to call Thirsty Thursday - $2 for almost everything on the menu, I stayed up late and it was Awesome.

It was not Peanuts and Cracker Jacks for me, it was Hotdogs and Ice Cream 

Paty's family has this amazing lake house with this amazing boat and an amazing driver (Paty of course) and a couple of times a year we are able to ask our friends up for a weekend of Fun. Ours happened just a few weekends ago.  There was a bit of a rain delay but we made the most of every minute together.

Did I say the Amazing driver was Paty? I am sorry Tim, it was you.
Tim was in charge of swimming the boat fast enough so everybody could have a turn skiing without using any of the expensive gas.  Worked like a charm.  

Tim had is work cut out for him trying to get the boat in before this came..
Side Note: It never came, just scary clouds and some light rain.

Once the Sun came back out so did we.
The marina brought it strong with a band on the water

Dinner turned into a dance party.. But that is not surprising 

The pictures stopped after dinner and so did I 
My sisters friend Jamie got married right outside of Nashville so the whole family came up for the festivities.   Allison was in the wedding so unfortunately I did not get to spend much time with her however, having Ben and Dad around during the day turned out to be perfect. They got my house back up in working order.  Thanks Fam.

It was off to Home Depot for some Jiga What? 

Oh JIG-A-PATCH Who knew? 

It was no Jig-a-Patch but when that Pink dried to White it was Beautiful!

Walker and Dad took on the task of replacing the awful lightbulbs in the awful Kitchen light.
We are glad to be able to see when we are fixing breakfast.

At night Mom, Dad and Ben would head off for wedding events while Walker and I hit the town.

Night One: Mexican and Bowling
All Great Things :) 

I will say game one was not my best, However I improved tremendously on game two.. Yet still not breaking 100.

Please note my first bowl was a strike.. Down hill from there 

Night Two: Golfing and a Cookout
Walker and Paty hit the links while I went grocery shopping.
Then we all got back together for a cookout at Patys house, Thanks Paty! 

Well heres to you Summer - We are having a Blast!