December 09, 2011

Before Takeoff!!

I'm nervous blogging..

Allison is nervous eating.. :)

Photo Dump

Here we go!!

Photos include...
1. My flight to Dc
2. The Last Meal
3. Allison's last fountain
4. Airport photo shoot

Oh crap... They just said we Are boarding.

Small Talk

The guy on my shuttle just asked the question.. "Where ya heading?" my response.. "(long pause) Africa"

Who would have ever thought?


How do you pack for this?

I have more snacks and gifts than I have necessary items like.. Underwear :)

Lets just say, when I return my heart will be full, but my bags will be empty!

I did not capture the final product.. Maybe I will tomorrow before I head out.
Lets just say, It did not look like this. 

December 08, 2011

For Now..

To Sub or not to Sub? Sure I wanted to get a real job, with my very own real students and my very own real classroom. However, with the trip and still having two more classes until the ole Masters is finished, subbing wins!

Call me if you need a Sub :)

December 05, 2011

And The Stockings Were Hung...

Finally decorating for Christmas and I will tell you, I'm getting a little emotional. There are a number of things it could be: Michael Buble singing to me, The Polar Bear Express on TV, knowing I'm about to leave for a place where Christ will be so incredibly present but Christmas will be dim or just being a woman.. None the less, I love it, all of it.

The Time Has Come

Can you believe it? It's finally here, the week of the trip. Packing and preparation are in full swing. The support has been above and beyond my wildest expectations. First, I can not thank enough those who supported me financially, making this trip possible. Second, I have been overwhelmed at all the awesome stuff I get to take to the kids and stuff keeps coming. Additionally, I'm so grateful for all the prayers and kind words.. Love yall!

Here is a list of all the awesome things I get to take to the chillins.

9 pairs of tennis shoes
1 pair of sandles- keep em stylish Erin
2 tenn Pom poms
4 athletic balls
1 pump
5 packs of markers
3 packs of paper
3 packs of stickers
2 hot wheels
8 packs of bracelets
Finger nail stickers
2 packs of planet earth stretchy animals
1 build your own fighter helicopter
11 Slinkys
Twisty balloon game
Connect 4 game
21 pairs of sunglasses
1 huge bottle of vitamins

Those in my life have really prospered in this season of giving.

Thank you!
Oh and thanks for the ball pump.. Huge help and great idea!!

The last picture is the beginning of my bag of things. Il post as it grows.

December 03, 2011

My Final Vote

Well it's time to change the nails. They made it 1 full week.

I rate that a 7 out of 10. It is so much better than the 2 days regular nail polish last, however I was hoping to get through at least two weekends.

How long has your Shallac lasted?

Here's to the Christmas season and Candy Cane inspired nails. Hehe

November 29, 2011

Heater-1 Productivity-0

So at this time in my life I'm in need of some serious self motivation.

1. Get Ready for Africa
2. Clean and Organize all my Student Teaching stuff.
3. Find a Job
4. Make, order, or buy Christmas gifts.
5. Find a Job (yes I said it twice)

There is currently one thing holding me back. My Space Heater. At this very moment, I have been sitting on the couch for 2 hours unable to pull myself away.

Dear Space Heater
I love and hate you very much.

Ps. Today its Snowing. You cant see it in the pic but it is. :)

November 27, 2011


It already chipped.

Haha ok, it's not really that bad.. Just a fact.

November 25, 2011

My Bright Red Shellac

Today I got my very first Shellac. Getting my nails done is a luxury I have had to part from, so I thought this would be perfect. A nail job that would last. What I did not know was just how red they would come out. Yikes!

Well heres to the Bright Red Shellac nail challenge.

November 24, 2011

What A Day

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody. I hope you have all had a wonderful day filled with many things to be thankful for.

I'm incredibly thankful for so many things this thanksgiving. My whole family being together, yummy food, our wonderful dogs and Paty being here are just a few.

However, today was interesting. You saw the previous post where we ate at cracker barrel for breakfast. Cracker Barrel on thanksgiving... Who would have thunk it? Well, it got worse.

I'm not proud, but thankful.
We went to walmart!! Yep we did. My sweet mother bought me a ton of travel size necessities for the upcoming trip to Africa. I hated to be there on Thanksgiving but it was a better option thank black Friday.

The fellas played a little Hill family scramble while we were shopping away.

After all that things settled back down to normal. This is why I love this holiday so much.

Don't judge...

Good Night


Yep, really!

November 22, 2011

November 21, 2011

There is an App for That

In attempts to blog while in Uganda I tried to blog from my phone. For some reason it was not working. That's when it dawned on me, I bet there is an app for that. And so it is, my first blog from my phone's blogger app. To my TSCF (your new nickname, can anybody figure it out?) here we go!

Also heard a lovely verse on Sunday while watching Cross Point online. Luke 6:45 "For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of."

What is your heart full of this Thanksgiving Holiday?

Not sure where the picture will show up but thought I would share a snap shot of my sleepover on Saturday Night.

November 20, 2011


Well how the heck are ya?

First, I must apologize for the lack of post from me in well, forever. My life has officially - completely changed since my last update.

I Quit My Job 
(Which means I also quit receiving a paycheck :( )

I Became a Teacher 
(Should I put this on my resume as a job experience or volunteer community service?)

And Last but not Least..

With a Little Help from Family and The Big Man Upstairs I decided to Travel to Uganda
(My International Shot Band-Aids - There are Three more of those on the other Arm.)

From now until the end of December I believe this blog is going to be filled up with everything Uganda.

Trip Details:
Allison, Ben and I are all going together - How Cool?  
We are going with an organization called Palmetto Medical Initiative 
It is a 10 day trip to Masindi, Uganda 
Yes it is a Medical Mission however, I have little intensions of doing much medical work... I hope to share all this great love that we have with those kids and families who need to feel it.  

I am going to go into greater detail on each of the aspects of the trip as we near... Check in for More. 

Hope we still have followers - Again, Sorry for the 6th months of MIA.

Have an excellent Sunday - I am off to watch the Titans take on the Falcons. Go Titans! 

September 10, 2011

Fashion blog stalking

I have thoroughly enjoyed stalking some of my favorite fashion blog's to catch glimpses of the Spring runway shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  I can already tell that my closet will be full of vibrant colors, sheer tops and lots of florals next Spring.  I particularly fell in love with this look from Peter Som, which prompted my first fashion blog post.  I will definitely be consigning some worn threads to make room for this beautiful electric blue number.  More to come...
photo courtesy of The Man Repeller

August 17, 2011

thinking of fall

and hopefully the new pairs of boots that will be in my closet :)

Rag and Bone shoes at INTERMIX


After a l o n g day at work, I took a few minutes to read my friend Sarah's blog, about her time spent at a yoga retreat up North to gain her Baptiste certification.  I haven't made time, shame on me, to catch up with her person about her experience yet, so I decided to at least get the quick low down via her blog!

Thus far, I think I have read it three times trying to soak up each line, line by line.
Many AH HA moments along the way, I resonated immediately with these three thoughts:

Line 1:
I have been 'surviving' my life instead of being fully present and living and breathing every little second of it in! 
Line 2:
Rushing around no longer serves me... 
Line 3:
nor does saying 'Yes' to every invitation keep me present and really connected because I am always thinking of what I have to do next. 

My life, at times, seems as though it resides permanently in the fast lane.  Sure felt that way when I got home however, reading on, she brings to the surface three very valid points in conjunction with the lines above that I can't resist reading over and over... hoping, or rather praying they will sink in.

• taking time to have a full breath 
• I am whole, loved, and perfect just as I am!
• I create and commit to my new way of being which is of speaking my mind, saying 'no'!, and being totally and utterly HAPPY!

Nothing like a dear friend to make you aware of the present, and just how sweet it is to
love you SF!

July 19, 2011

My little monster!

I apologize for the lack of posts lately.  My little monster has been consuming most of our evenings with her energetic, never-tiresome personality!  She is quite the handful, but worth every ounce of my time.  I realized I have not posted photos of her lately, so here are some of my favs.  She is getting so big!

This last one is one of my favorites!  Let's just say... we had to get a new yard :)

xo - allison