August 17, 2011

thinking of fall

and hopefully the new pairs of boots that will be in my closet :)

Rag and Bone shoes at INTERMIX


After a l o n g day at work, I took a few minutes to read my friend Sarah's blog, about her time spent at a yoga retreat up North to gain her Baptiste certification.  I haven't made time, shame on me, to catch up with her person about her experience yet, so I decided to at least get the quick low down via her blog!

Thus far, I think I have read it three times trying to soak up each line, line by line.
Many AH HA moments along the way, I resonated immediately with these three thoughts:

Line 1:
I have been 'surviving' my life instead of being fully present and living and breathing every little second of it in! 
Line 2:
Rushing around no longer serves me... 
Line 3:
nor does saying 'Yes' to every invitation keep me present and really connected because I am always thinking of what I have to do next. 

My life, at times, seems as though it resides permanently in the fast lane.  Sure felt that way when I got home however, reading on, she brings to the surface three very valid points in conjunction with the lines above that I can't resist reading over and over... hoping, or rather praying they will sink in.

• taking time to have a full breath 
• I am whole, loved, and perfect just as I am!
• I create and commit to my new way of being which is of speaking my mind, saying 'no'!, and being totally and utterly HAPPY!

Nothing like a dear friend to make you aware of the present, and just how sweet it is to
love you SF!