July 15, 2012

Super Sunday!!

What a Great Day, That's All!!

Excitement List
#1: Westboro Baptist Weirdness coming to our Church. Some people came and held up huge black tarps and covered their signs, it was awesome. You can see it on WSMV.
#2: Clean sheets and Zoe's for lunch.
#3: Taking Mr. Chester to the park. He loves the creek.. Who am I to stop him from having fun?
#4: Saskias BDay in the Park with Whos Bad, a Michael Jackson Cover band.
#5: This is not exciting, I shut the door on my heel and it bled and turned colors, but I did not cry. #badA

What a Day!
Here's to Ya Monday.

(sorry pics are scattered, I have no choice when updating from the phone)

1 comment:

  1. That is a great Sunday! So sorry about your foot - proud of you for not crying...can't say I'd be so beast. And what a cuuuuute pup! Hope your Monday was just as great!